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Guidelines for 4th Day Talk

Lay Witness Talk For Ultreyas

In preparing a talk, there are four important points to remember:

  1. It should be a personal story told briefly and simply (6 to 8 minutes long if there are 2 speakers; more is okay for one speaker)
  2. It should be about Jesus Christ in your life. The aim of the witness talk is to tell about a specific way in which you tried to bring those He loves closer to HIM.
  3. It should be about a RECENT experience. Tell us how through prayer and study, you made a plan to bring someone closer to Jesus in the normal flow of your life.
  4. It should be concrete and practical. Make your talk vivid by describing who, how, why, what, and when, as you talk about carrying out the action you planned. Tell what happened, whether it seemed a success or failure. Remember success or failure is how you responded to God, not what the actual outcome was.

If you answer, yes, to the following four questions, your talk will fulfill the requirements for an Ultreya witness talk:

  1. Does this talk show that Jesus Christ is in your life?
  2. Will it show how much I want to follow Him?
  3. Does Jesus Himself hold the most important place in the talk.
  4. Will this experience I am sharing stimulate people to think of things which they might plan to do to transform their home, work, parish, recreation or other environment for Christ?